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Customer empathy for real insights

While developing new products, do you empathise with your customers?

Before generating new ideas, it is important to know why the organisation needs these new ideas. The best way to find out is to empathise with your customers or, in B2B, with the end-users.

Too often, we tend to describe how people interact with product and services, but we remain at the surface, we don’t go deep enough. We tend to forget to research further why people behave the way they do, what are the roots of the observed behaviour, below the surface.

The Empathy Map is a powerful tool to get better insights about consumers.

You literally place yourself in what the user is experiencing and feeling by asking yourself:

- What does the user say?

- What does the user think?

- What does the user do?

- What does the user feel?

You do not only look at what they do or say, you also research what they think and what they feel.

And to even better understand your customers, you must dig even further into the beliefs and motivations that will bring you real insights in the roots of the observed behaviour.

It’s all about searching for the human, searching for the vulnerability. Just like in writing or in photography.

The photographer Robert Capa said “If your photographs aren't good enough you're not close enough.”

And you, how close are you to your customers?

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